The Hardest Step is Believing Your Worthy of Recovery.

As the perpetrator of racism, you probably don’t think you’re worthy of recovery. Society teaches us that once you’ve been labeled a racist, that you’ll always be a racist. This difficulty of believing you’re worthy of recovery, is driven by shame. Even if you do believe you’re worthy of recovery, you may be too afraid to fully examine your racist behaviors.

I created the Racist Signature™ Theory to teach you about the connection between white supremacy which is a type of learned narcissism, racist defense mechanisms, and unhealed traumas in your life.

Learn the Racist Signature™ Theory

In this 20 minute video, you will learn the The Racist Signature™ Theory and what you need to do in order to start the process of racism recovery.

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Anti-Racism vs. Racism Recovery

Anti-racism teaches white people to change their racist behaviors by learning habits that are meant to prevent racism against people of color. Racism Recovery is focused on healing the underlying traumas that cause white people to react to people of color in racist ways.

Develop the Courage to Start the Process of Racism Recovery

It takes courage commit yourself to recovery. In the meantime, I’ve created the Racism Recovery Podcast as well as the Racism Recovery Facebook Group to help support you, until you’re ready.

The Racism Recovery Podcast

You will learn the psychology of racism, using the Racist SignatureTheory, as well as, words of encouragement, from yours truly.

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The Racism Recovery Facebook Group

Meet other white people who are preparing to start the process of recovery.

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The Racism Recovery Library

Digital resources such as worksheets, journal prompts, and video lectures.

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You’ve Taken the Time to Prepare and Believe You’re Ready.

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