Can’t Make Up Your Mind

About What To Do Next in Your Relationship?

You Haven’t Handled Conflict

Well in the Past

You don’t want to ruin a good thing,
but you also don’t want to sell yourself short.

You Keep Thinking
About What Happened

You’re tired of one-sided relationships
and want to understand why this keeps happening.

April is the most caring, attentive and knowledgeable therapist I’ve ever come across! She just gets it the first time and uses her expertise to really dive in and unlock key things…I’ve only been working with her for a month but the breakthroughs, revelations and all around growth that I’ve experienced in such a short time is amazing and life changing! She’s simply the best!


April has been absolutely amazing. She simultaneously allows me to explore topics that are important to me while challenging me to consider alternative ways of viewing situations. I feel so comfortable talking with her. She is wonderful!


April is such a compassionate and wonderful person! I have grown significantly as a person just with her guidance over the course of months. She has experience in a wide range of topics and her insight is always spot on.


I love writing and speaking with April! April has been very insightful, supportive and helpful. She points things out about me that I hadn’t considered or even realized, and it’s made a big difference in how I handle challenging emotions. I am giving myself permission to acknowledge my needs without feeling as guilty as I used to feel.


Gain Insight
Into Your Relationships

Learn how to engage in relationships
that leave you feeling strong, confident, and empowered.

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