You’ve acted in unintentionally racist ways and want to change.

You’re ashamed of yourself.

You’re feeling ashamed of the ways in which you’ve unconsciously perpetrated racist behavior in your relationships.

You Don’t Know Your Blind Spots.

You're aware of some of your racist behavior, but can't see it all, and know you need help.

April Harter inspires, models, challenges, evokes the best in us by being the best. As an anti-racism coach, she takes a unique approach of making something so global and overwhelming as racism into the most personal and intimate journey for her clients. My experience, as one of her clients, can’t really be put into adequate words. The closest I can come up with is: with her guidance and challenges, I am starting to see glimmers of the person I have always wanted to be.

Janna PhillipsLMFT, LCSW, LAC

Face Your Racism

Get confronted with your unconscious racism in order to see it clearly.

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