The Uphill Battle of Changing a Culture

November 2019, I left the world of anti-racism after two years. Since then, I returned about a week ago, and I’ve learned an incredible painful truth. The truth, is that it’s exceptionally difficult to convince people to have compassion for the perpetrators of racism who want to do better, in their lives.

Our culture is such, that we despise the perpetrators of violence. It’s good to set boundaries with the perpetrators who don’t want to change, but what about the ones who do?

This past week, I’ve had 236 unfollowers and 124 new followers. This is an incredible reflection of the uphill battle I’m going to face as the psychotherapist and coach of the perpetrators of racism. If I wanted a lot of followers, then I’d be emotionally abusing white people, left and right, because that’s what’s trendy.

What’s trendy is not always right, and I am reminded of Bernie Sanders, and many others before me, who have advocated for progressive change, but have received resistance from the very people who we are advocating for. I can’t give up hope, though. I feel, in my very essence, down to my core, that I’ve got to see this through, no matter what.

April Harter, LCSW

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