Afraid of Conflict?

I’ve Been There.

Throughout my childhood and into my early adulthood, I did everything I could to avoid conflict. If I disagreed with someone, then I didn’t confront them for fear of an argument. Avoiding conflict was only a temporary solution, because when I chose not to speak up, I felt overwhelmed with anxiety.

I’m Different Than Other Therapists

I take race, class, gender, and sexual identity into account
when examining power dynamics in relationships.

I Challenge My Clients to Overcome Their Fears.

I have a straightforward and no-nonsense way of challenging my clients to look at how they have played a part in their own conflict.

I’ve Been a Therapist Since 2008

I use feminist therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and psychodynamic therapy to help my clients heal.

I'm a Feminist and Romantic.

I'm a queer black woman married to a straight white guy.
We are as in love now as we were 17 years ago.

I'm also an anti-racism coach for therapists.

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