I grew up in a white racist family.

Growing up black in a white family felt like I was living in two different worlds. I thought I was better than people of color because of my white heritage, but I was also the victim of racism.

As I entered college, I was faced with my own internalized racism. I learned that I harbored racist beliefs due to my upbringing.

Radical feminist consciousness raising helped me confront my own internalized racism. I was able to let go of my white racist identity and embrace my black anti-racist identity.

As a result of my own transformation, I was inspired to become a social worker in order to become a change agent and fight against social injustice.

I’m Unapologetic.

I confront my clients swiftly and directly on their racist behaviors in coaching sessions.

I’m Compassionate.

I have a lot of compassion for white people who want to stop their racist behavior.

I’m Experienced.

I have 10 years of professional experience as a licensed social worker helping people understand and change their behaviors.

I'm a Black Queer
Radical Feminist

Black radical feminists provide the most radical critique
of racism, sexism, and imperialism.

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