Astrology Readings

All of us have a life purpose, but sometimes one can get lost on the path. I can help you identify your life purpose as well as help you make sense of what challenges you’ve experienced in your life up until now.

To do this, I analyze the Rasi (D1) Chart, Navamsa (D9), and Dashamsa (D10) charts. The Rasi chart, is otherwise known as the main birth chart. The Navamsa and Dashamsa charts are called divisional charts in Vedic Astrology. The Navamsa chart reflects one’s life purpose while the Dashamsa reflects daily tasks that you do while fulfilling your life purpose. 

When I analyze all three charts, I am not only able to identify your life purpose, but also, predict future life experiences that will take place in order to help you gain the wisdom you need to become who you were meant to be. To do this, I use the Vimshottari Dasha System, which is based on mathematical calculations of the nakshatras of one’s birth.

The nakshatras are 13 degree segments of each sign of the zodiac. Nakshatras have deeper meanings than the the signs alone. There are 27 nakshatras in all.