You’re Ready to Embrace the Discomfort of Being Confronted on Your Racist Behavior by a Black Queer Radical Feminist.

My method of anti-racism coaching is not your standard type of coaching that involves goals, tasks, and objectives to be completed within a time frame.

This method of coaching is based on black radical feminist consciousness-raising that started in the 1960s in the USA.

Through individual and group anti-racism coaching, you can access the immense power of black radical feminist consciousness raising in order to unpack unconscious racist defense mechanisms.

Through anti-racism coaching, you are confronted with your unconscious racism in order to see it consciously.

When you are consciously aware of your own racism, then you’re able to make conscious decisions to stop acting in unintentionally racist ways and develop authentic relationships with people of color.

When you can change yourself, then you change the world. The personal is the political.