The Anti-Racism Coaching Program

  • How Do I Sign Up for the Anti-Racism Coaching Programs?

    You need to either download the e-book or sign up for webinars  in order to receive the invitation to apply for anti-racism coaching.

  • When Is Open Enrollment for the Individual Anti-Racism Coaching Program?

    Open enrollment for the Individual Anti-Racism Program starts April 18, 2019 and will end May 30, 2019.

  • How Many Coachings Will I Get in the Individual Anti-Racism Coaching Program?

    You will get 4 coachings over the course of 7 weeks. The first week you will start your curriculum, then you’ll get coached, and then you’ll get homework. This pattern continues throughout the course.

  • What is the Format of the Individual Anti-Racism Coaching?

    The focus of each individual coaching will be centered on the lesson that was given the previous week in the online curriculum. In the coaching, you can expect me to answer any questions you have and help you process the content of the program.

  • When is the Open Enrollment for the Group Anti-Racism Coaching Program?

    Open enrollment for the group program starts January 1 and ends February 11, 2019. The first day of the group program is February 21, 2019.

  • How Many Coachings Will I Get in the Group Anti-Racism Coaching Program?

    You will receive 7 anti-racism group sessions over the course of 7 weeks.

  • How Many People Will Be in the Group?

    There will be a maximum of 25 members in the anti-racism group program. Once 25 people have enrolled, then I will send out an email informing those who are a part of the email list that the maximum of 25 participants has been reached along with information on when the next enrollment period starts.

  • Are the Programs Online or In-Person?

    Both the individual and group anti-racism coaching programs are 100% online. No exceptions.

  • What is the Format of the Group Anti-Racism Coaching?

    The group format is a closed group, which means that no one else but those who signed up will be allowed to be in the group. Every week, we will be discussing the content of the curriculum and engage in open dialogue.  The weekly group coaching will be a total of 45 minutes with 5 minutes for wrap-up.

  • Can Children Enroll Into this Program?


  • Why Does the Anti-Racism Coaching Program Cost So Much?

    You’re paying for the following:

    – A professionally trained and licensed psychotherapist and social worker for anti-racism coaching.

    – Weekly support through email, telephone, and on WhatsApp.

    – A 7-week week interactive program that includes one-on-one coaching, an online curriculum, and homework assignments.

    – You will learn how to stop your racist behavior once and for all (that’s epic).

    – Continued support after the program is complete in the Facebook Alumni Group.

  • Can I Pay in Monthly Installments?

    Yes, you can pay in monthly installments. The cost of the individual anti-racism coaching program is $500 over the course of 6-months. The cost of the group anti-racism coaching program is $333 over the course of 6-months.

  • I Can't Afford the Monthly Installment. Are there other payment plans available?


  • Can this program be a tax write off to my employer?

    No. I do not offer tax write-offs. This work is deeply personal and having an employer pay for your self-care detracts from this.

  • What is April’s Professional Experience?

    I have been a licensed social worker since 2008. I am licensed in Texas and in Colorado. The majority of my career has been in medical social work (2008-2016).

    I started my private practice November 1, 2016 in Colorado. I continue to provide psychotherapy to a small handful of clients (online-only)

    I started coaching clients May 2018. I created the anti-racism program in October 2018. The anti-racism coaching curriculum started on Election Day November 6, 2018.

The Anti-Racism Certification Program

  • What are the qualifications to get certified?

    The program requires a professional background in psychology. At this time, the only people who are qualified to apply are licensed psychotherapists who are people of color (POC).

  • Why is it that only (POC) can become certified?

    White people who lead anti-racism work perpetrate (Racist) Leadership. It is racist for the oppressor to profit off of the oppression that they benefit from (white privilege).

  • When does the anti-racism certification program start?

    The program will start in the Fall of 2019.

  • How do I apply to become an anti-racism coach?

On-Site and Offline Anti-Racism Training

  • Does April Provide Anti-Racism Training Outside of the Anti-Racism Coaching Program?

    At this time, I do not offer training outside of the anti-racism coaching program. I do not conduct in-person workshops as there are many anti-racism educators available to do this type of work. I do, however, provide monthly webinars.

  • Does April Provide Training for Licensed Psychotherapists or Interns on Anti-Racism?

    No. This is personal work and needs to be conducted outside of work. I do not offer tax write-offs for businesses.

  • Would April Be Willing to Conduct the Anti-Racism Coach Program In-Person?

    I am not willing to conduct any portion of the program offline at this time.

  • Does April Provide Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Training?

    No. The reason for this, is because I believe that this sort of training is not anti-racist in scope.

Interview Inquiries

  • I'd Like to Interview April. How Do I Get Started?

    Fill out this online form (here) and I will return your inquiry within 1 business day. My business days are Tuesday-Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST).

Race, Racism, and Anti-Racism

  • How Do I Know I'm Ready for an Anti-Racism Intervention?

    You will know when you’re ready, when you have engaged in workshops and other educational programs and come to the realization that you still can’t stop acting in racist ways. It also takes a lot of courage to engage in an anti-racist intervention.

  • Are Workshops Anti-Racism Self-Work?

    Workshops are the first step in anti-racism self-work. First, you need to be educated, because you need to become aware of your racism. The next step would be an intervention, where you examine your interpersonal behavior and learn strategies to prevent your unconscious racist behavior towards people of color (POC).

  • Are Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Programs and Workshops Anti-Racist?

    No. They are not anti-racist unless they say they’re anti-racist. The words diversity, inclusion, and equity are words that mask the reality of racism. It is a way for whites to get credit for doing anti-racism work.

  • Can White People Lead Anti-Racism Work?

    Can they? Sure. Should they? No. It is racist for any white person to lead the discourse on anti-racism work. White people have gotten away with this for a long time thanks to white privilege. Whenever white people lead anti-racism work, it is a sign, that they have not done the deeper self-work to realize that what they’re doing is racist. There are many famous white anti-racism professionals that have not done their self-work to confront and uproot their own racism. If they had, then they would know better than to lead the discourse.

  • Who is Qualified to Lead Anti-Racism Work?

    People of Color (POC) who have been educated in sociology and psychology (critical race theory + behavioral theories) are likely qualified to lead anti-racism work. Most anti-racism professionals are educated in sociology, but are not educated in psychology. It is important to choose an anti-racism leader who is educated in psychology, because racism is both a (white) cultural and  (white) interpersonal behavior. They also need to be able to know how to interact with you (professionally) when you’re acting in racist ways without becoming victims of racism themselves.

    Take the time to review their educational and professional background to determine if they are qualified to help you work through your anti-racism.

  • Should White People Call Out Other White People on Their Racism?

    If a white person does not know their racist signature pattern(s), then they are operating on (Racist) Leadership. This is one of the 7 racist signatures.

    Calling out other white people on racism is enabling whites to not look to people of color (POC) for leadership in the anti-racism work.

    More importantly, it's an avoidance tactic used to shield oneself from confronting and uprooting their own racism.

  • Can Any Person of Color (POC) educate me on Anti-Racism?

    No. If a person of color (POC) does not do this work professionally, then you should not expect them to educate you. This is the reason why many POC experience what is called racial battle fatigue.

  • Do I Know More About Racism than a Person of Color (POC)?

    Never. You will never be able to know more about racism than a person of color (POC), because you have not experienced racial trauma. As the perpetrator of racism, you do not know what it is like to be in the victim’s shoes (nor will you ever).

    If you find yourself explaining to a person of color (POC) about racism as if you know more than them, then you’re acting in the (Racist) Intellectualizing racist signature.

  • Can a Person of Color (POC) be Racist Towards Whites?

    No. Racism is more than just having deep antagonistic feelings about someone because of their race. It is about power and control. To learn more about why POC cannot be racist towards whites, watch Dr. Joy DeGruy explain this in her video about Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome.

  • How Do I Know When I’m Perpetrating a Racist Defense Mechanism?

    The core of racist defense mechanisms (racist signatures) are toxic feelings such as shame, anger, resentment, and embarrassment. These are just a few examples of these core feelings.

  • Are People of Color (POC) Purposely Trying to Shame Me for My Unintentional Racist Behavior?

    No. They are not shaming you. You’re feeling shame, because you are being triggered whenever they discuss the topic of race and racism. You had (white) shame long before they started to talk about racism.

  • Can a Person of Color (POC) Be Racist Towards other (POC)?

    A person of color (POC) cannot be racist towards other POC. The term for this is not racism, but colorism.