The History of the Racist Signature™ Theory

After the Unite the Right Rally in 2017, I wrote an article titled How America Spreads the Disease that is Racism, and it went viral. I had over a million views within a few weeks. I was contacted by the Huffington Post to republish my article. I was even contacted by TEDx, and was interviewed twice to speak in Denver.

I never made it to TEDx, but it made me realized that what I wrote was impactful, and could make a difference. In fact, after writing The Failure to Acknowledge Racism as a Mental Illness, I learned that there was little to no research on the psychology of the perpetrators of racism.

To address this, I started coaching white people in 2018. After 100 coaching sessions, I developed a psychological theory to help explain their racist behaviors. I discovered that there were 7 racist defense mechanisms, and when combined, a total of 42 different defensive patterns. I decided to call this psychological theory the Racist Signature Theory.

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