You know that you’ve got to do the personal work to dismantle racism in your professional work.

You’ve witnessed racist behavior from your clients or colleagues, but aren’t sure how to address it. The few times you have said something, things just didn’t go the way you had hoped. As a result, you feel guilty, resentful, or frustrated because you wished you could have known what to do and how to handle the situation professionally.

As an anti-racism coach for therapists, I have a straightforward and no-nonsense approach that challenges the way you address racism in your personal and professional life. The result is you feeling competent, confident, and empowered in the way that you address racism in your personal and professional relationships.

Racism in Therapy Discussion Group

A Facebook community where therapists support one another by engaging in anti-racism dialogues as it pertains to their clinical practice.

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Racism in Therapy Book Club

An interactive group for therapists on Slack. Therapists share what they’ve learned in weekly video discussions in order to improve their clinical skills.

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