You’ve reflected a lot and talked to your friends about someone who you care about who has not reciprocated in the relationship.

Everything seems to being going great up until now. Someone you care about may have said or done something that has really hurt you. You want to tell them how you feel, but you’re scared.

You haven’t handled conflict well in the past and have always ended up on the short end of the stick. You don’t want to ruin a good thing, but you also don’t want to sell yourself short.

You keep thinking about what happened, but can’t figure out why things aren’t going the way you’d hoped. You’re tired of one-sided relationships and want to understand why this keeps happening.
I have a straightforward and no-nonsense way of challenging my clients to look at how they have played a part in their own conflict.The result of this approach, is my clients feeling strong, confident, and empowered in their relationships.