I’m Excited To Announce That I Will Be Facilitating My Third 3-Day Workshop October 11-13, 2019!


I completed my second workshop in the first week of September, and it was a great success. I worked with a total of 10 people and here’s what my clients had to say:


April is awesome – crazy intuitive, extremely intelligent, and deeply kind. Using the Racist Signature Method, she listened to me for 30 seconds and not only recognized the nature of my childhood trauma, but framed exactly what I needed to focus on and heal in myself to be in authentic allyship with POC. Learning to use the RSPs effectively involves not only self-analysis but also self-love, and April teaches both in how she models it in herself, in how she treats you, and how she encourages you to be with others. I highly recommend this workshop. 

– Daniel L.


This is true anti-racism healing. April’s approach, method and unique understanding offer a clear way for how to deepen into this process from a place of care and commitment. She guides you in how to stop performing allyship and, instead, embody your wholeness and restore your own humanity while simultaneously identifying, resisting and healing your racist behaviors and defense patterns. It’s truly groundbreaking space she’s offering. I would recommend working with her to anyone looking that wants an honest, deep and restorative approach to becoming an anti-racist.

– Nancy Guerrera


Want to Know More About the Method?

Want to know about the method and precisely what you will be doing in the 3 days that you’re working with me in the coaching group? Download the exact welcome packet you will receive below.




I will only be working with a maximum of 10 people in the workshop in order to be able to provide individual attention to each group member.


In Strength Through Truth,

April Harter, LCSW