Workshop Agenda


You will meet with me at your chosen location and desired time for two hours over the course of 3 days.

What’s Included

An audio and video recording of the workshop that you can reference to in the future as needed. You will also receive a list of psychotherapy resources.

The End Goal

You will be prepared to go to psychotherapy to heal your childhood trauma that is at the root of your racist behaviors.

Work Flow

The day before the workshop, you will receive an email with 11 questions on how you react to specific racially triggering interpersonal experiences. You must take this with you on the first day of the workshop, as we will be using your answers to identify your racist signature patterns.

Day 1: Learn to identify your racist signature patterns. The racist signature patterns are two layers of defense mechanisms.

Day 2: Learn how to identify the core of your racist signature patterns. The core of the racist signature patterns are the feelings such as anger, fear, and shame that reflect a history of child developmental trauma.

Day 3: Review your racist signature patterns, including the core of the patterns, and create a resistance plan of healing your developmental trauma.

How to Prepare for the Anti-Racism Coaching Experience

The emotional discomfort you will experience during the workshop is intense. The intensity is otherwise known as cognitive dissonance. It is important to practice self-care prior to and after, every day you are in the workshop.